About Lind

LIND is a modern law firm that advises and assists businesses, professional organisations and private individuals. Our advice covers a range of specialist areas and the most important areas of commercial and business law.

We prioritise quality, and deliver services of the highest professionality without forgetting that cost awareness is also a quality. We prioritise personal interaction and cooperation that ensures in-depth knowledge of the client’s special circumstances and preferences in terms of the solution of the assignment at hand.

At LIND we take on assignments of all sizes that enable us to make a difference by virtue of our special competencies. Should we find that your assignment falls outside of these, we will not take it on ourselves but refer you to appropriately qualified colleagues.

LIND management team

LIND’s board of directors consists of Mads Berendt (chairman) Asger Tue Pedersen and Anders Bendtsen. Asger Tue Pedersen is the managing director of the firm.

LIND from 1954 to present day

LIND’s roots date back to 1954, when the two lawyers Niels Peter Madsen-Mygdal and Oluf Lind joined forces.

After Madsen-Mygdal’s death only a few years later, Oluf Lind built up a highly respected and comprehensive law firm under the name Oluf Lind & Partnere, which in 1990 merged with Poulsen, Westergaard, Cadovius & Stokholm. The year after this saw the introduction of a legal company structure for law firms in Denmark and the law firm was subsequently reorganised to form Lind & Cadovius Advokataktieselskab, later Lind Cadovius Advokataktieselskab.

It is this long history on which lawyers Nicolai Westergaard, Mads Berendt and Asger Tue Pedersen continue to build upon today. They were previously partners in Lind Cadovius, now they are part-owners of LIND. Anders Bendtsen worked as a lawyer at Lind Cadovius for many years, and in conjunction with the setting up of LIND became one of the owners of the firm.