Rasmus Riisbro

Attorney, Associate

Born in 1981

Specialist areas

Labour and employment law
Tort law
Insolvency law and restructuring
Sports Law

Education and right of audience

Law degree (Cand. jur.) from the University of
Copenhagen 2006
Admitted 2010
Certified as insolvency attorney by Danske Insolvensadvokater 2013
Right of audience before the Supreme Court 2020


Member of attorney panel in The Danish Debt Collection Agency regarding bankruptcy cases
On secondment at Dansk Metalarbejderforbund in 2011
On secondment at 3F Faglig Fælles Forbund i 2015

Contact information

Email address: rar@lindlaw.dk
Telephone number: +45 82 30 90 20 (direct line)
Mobile number: +45 26 14 29 92

Secretary: Crisanta Santos Reyes

Email address: csr@lindlaw.dk
Telephone number: +45 82 30 90 32