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LIND is a modern law firm that advises and assists businesses, professional organisations and private individuals. Our advice covers a range of specialist areas and the most important areas of commercial and business law.

We deliver top quality, value-based solutions at competitive prices and we place great store in personal interaction and cooperation with the client and their other advisers, whoever
they may be.

Specialist areas

LIND focuses on a number of specialist areas and key areas of commercial law. We assist businesses, professional organisations and private individuals in these areas.

LIND has considerable litigation experience. Our litigation specialists conduct a large number of legal and arbitration cases. We regularly conduct cases before the Danish Supreme Court.

LIND’s expertise within legal and arbitration cases means that we can also advise clients on procedural risks, both prior to and during the course of a dispute. This enables us to offer constructive advice in order to achieve the solution that overall best serves the client’s interests.

With regard to contract negotiations, our experience from legal and arbitration cases gives us the opportunity to provide proactive advice, so as to minimise the risk of a dispute at a later stage.

Several of LIND’s attorneys are regularly appointed as arbitrators.

For further information, please contact the partners in charge: Peter Clemmen Christensen or Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen

LIND provides specialised advisory services within labour and employment law. We conduct a large number of cases before both ordinary courts and specialised arbitration courts.

LIND’s expertise includes:

  • Collective labour Law
  • Individual employment law
  • Salaried employee law
  • Civil servant law
  • International labour law
  • Legal terms and conditions for executive directors and managerial employees
  • Legal status of salaried employees on transfers of company ownership

For further information, please contact the partners in charge:
Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen, Frederik Brocks and Nicolai Westergaard

LIND is advising and represents our clients in any stage of the M&A process; both national as well as cross-border M&As: From the first strategic considerations through the planning and the determination of the transaction structure and the implementation of due diligence surveys, negotiation and preparation of contract terms to the completion of the transaction and follow-up on the agreed obligations. It is our aim to ensure the optimum result for our clients through proactive, cost-effective and value-adding advice.

For further information, please contact the partner in charge: Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg or Peter Clemmen Christensen

LIND has substantial experience from indemnification cases and has therefore built up valuable specialist knowledge in this field. We conduct many different legal cases in this area and – especially in the field of personal injury compensation – we regularly conduct cases on matters of principle before the Danish Supreme Court.

LIND’s expertise includes personal injury compensation in a broad sense, including:

  • Occupational injury compensation
  • Patient injuries
  • Traffic injuries
  • Product liability damages

We also have considerable insight into related fields of law, including Directors Liability and Professionel Liability and occupational health and safety law. We can therefore contribute to comprehensive resolution of all issues arising from possible liable actions or omissions.

For further information, please contact the partners in charge: Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen

LIND provides highly specialised advisory services in all areas related to real estate.

  • We assist vendors and buyers of all types of real estate.
  • We assist with the establishment of cooperative housing associations.

Landlord and tenant law – in particular commercial lease law – is an area in which we have built up considerable expertise, enabling us to offer clients extremely qualified assistance, both in the advisory phase and in the conduct of litigation.

  • We advise clients and contractors on the establishment of construction contracts.
  • We continuously assist players in the construction sector in disputes related to defects and deficiencies, expert surveys and similar measures both before the Arbitration Tribunal for Building and Construction, and the ordinary courts.
  • We assist financing institutions in conjunction with distressed exposures within the real estate segment.
  • We have considerable expertise in advising cooperative housing associations in jeopardy.

In view of our longstanding knowledge of the market situation and the real estate market, we attach great importance to our advice not only covering legal, but also commercial matters.

For further information, please contact the partners in charge: Mads Berendt and Christian Soldbro Dubin

LIND has considerable experience from handling estates in bankruptcy and represents many clients in connection with bankruptcy issues, including employees, banks and suppliers.

We continuously have around 100 estates in bankruptcy under administration, including estates of considerable complexity and within virtually all sectors.

We have the capacity that is needed in the hectic stages that inevitably arise when a company faces financial difficulties. We know that it is necessary to draw on knowledge of other legal areas, such as company law, labour law and financing law. The vital parameter for us is to achieve the best result for the company and its creditors, and to limit the loss of jobs.

LIND’S objective is to achieve the fastest possible administration of a bankrupt estate, with the best possible outcome for creditors and mortgagees, without compromising on the quality of the work.

During the bankruptcy proceedings we pay great attention to the possibility of imposing bankruptcy quarantine on the management, if the circumstances make this advisable.

LIND therefore assists with the following, among other things:

  • Filing of bankruptcy petitions and reconstruction applications, including advice on these procedures
  • Serving as creditor-elected receiver and reconstruction administrator
  • Administration of small and large bankruptcies and reconstructions
  • Pursuit of employees’ interests and creditors’ interests in general
  • Protection and issue of special rights/assets
  • Lawsuits against bankrupt estates, including avoidance proceedings raised by bankrupt estates
  • Establishment of debt rescheduling schemes, including settlement schemes and assistance in negotiations with creditors

For further information, please contact the partner in charge: Anders Bendtsen

General corporate and commercial law is one of LIND’s core areas. We advise on every aspect of corporate and commercial law issues, including negotiation and preparation of commercial contracts, establishment of companies, capital structure, restructuring (including demergers and mergers), board services, corporate governance and compliance. LIND also advises on any kinds of partnerships, including joint ventures and various kinds of consortiums. LIND’s attorneys are often appointed as chairmen of general meetings and as board members.

For further information, please contact the partners in charge: Peter Clemmen Christensen,  Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg or Anders Bendtsen

As a service to our trade union clients, LIND Advokataktieselskab offers early warning of indications of employers facing payment difficulties of which we become aware of in our handling of cases concerning attachment of salaries.

We call this our ‘Early Warning’ service. The aim is to make trade unions aware of employers concerning whom it should be investigated whether other members have not received due payment of salaries, holiday pay, pensions or other benefits.

Content of the scheme

Under the scheme, at regular intervals, normally every 14 days, we issue a current overview of the salary attachment cases, etc. for which there is reason to believe that the employer is facing payment difficulties.

The summary contains the following information:

  • Employer’s name
  • Address
  • CVR no.
  • The date of submission of claims, bankruptcy petitions and proceedings in the bankruptcy court, and the pronouncement of the insolvency decree to the extent this is applicable.

How to join the scheme

All trade unions that we assist with salary attachment cases have the opportunity to register for the scheme. Registration is free of charge.

If you, as a trade union representative, are interested in learning more about the scheme and our assistance in general, please contact us at and we will give you a call.

How to be deleted from the list

If you are an employer that has been added to the list, you will be notified of this.

If you pay the outstanding salary, you will be deleted from the list. We will also do this if you disagree as to whether a claim exists, and you have given us documented evidence that there is no claim.

For further information, please contact the partner in charge: Anders Bendtsen

Meet us

Our lawyers are amongst the best specialists in their field. Each and every one of them focuses on what they are good at, in addition to possessing general legal knowledge broad enough to offer the advice that best serves the client.

Louise Horn Aagesen

Attorney, Director

Hadil Ahmad


Anders Bendtsen

Attorney, partner

Christian Bentz

Attorney, partner

Mads Berendt

Attorney, partner

Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg

Attorney, partner

Frederik Brocks

Attorney, partner

Anita Grønbech Buskov

Attorney, Director

Peter Clemmen Christensen

Attorney, partner

Christian Soldbro Dubin

Attorney, partner

Dorte Gether Faurby


Michela Flindt


Nina Krener Gjelstrup

Assistant Attorney

Ida Grunnet

Assistant Attorney

Cecilie Lohse Jørgensen


Lotte Kjærsgård


Benedicte Prytz Kofoed


Jacob Tranekær Krebs


Ida Krogh


Julie Rohde Larsen


Daniel Juel Larsen


Patrick Flink Lerager


Sara Hörl Lillelund


Bjarne Lund


Emma Helene Lyppert


Tamana Mobarez

Assistant Attorney

Elisabeth Myrhøj


Christian Nordahl Örtegren


Stine Persson

Assistant Attorney

Thea Præstmark

Attorney, associate

Crisanta Santos Reyes


Rasmus Riisbro

Attorney, Associate

Matin Rona

Assistant Attorney

Camilla Rosted


August Emil Herlev Schrøder

Office Assistant

Julie Sierant

Stud. Jur.

Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen

Attorney, partner

Lene Skov


Julie Hasfeldt Skov


Sissel Marie Stærke


André Filip Stelsberg


Esther Toft


Nicolai Westergaard

Attorney, partner

About LIND

A very special set of values

At LIND we are proud that our employees stay with us for a long time. This is perhaps because we give weight to a healthy work-life balance. LIND is an organisation with a flat structure where everyone knows each other, and we achieve results together. We also believe that this is part of the reason that our clients stay with us for a long time.

Strong expertise and dialogue with a partner

Our legal professionals are among the best specialists in particular selected areas. Yet far more is needed to create a well-functioning office that can provide advice at the highest level.

At LIND, we attach importance to good personal cooperation. A partner from LIND follows your case all the way. You will always be assured of an understanding of your situation and business requirements, as well as your values. In this way we can ensure strong expertise, good advice and confidence in our cooperation.

We attach importance to the following:

  • Ensuring a high level of expertise and quality throughout the case
  • Achieving in-depth knowledge of the client and specific requirements of the task
  • Creating security through open advisory services and exchange of ideas
  • Ensuring a simple process through effective cooperation, a high level of specialist knowledge and minimisation of costs

More about LIND

Lind was founded in 2012 by three former partners and an employee of Lind Cadovius Advokataktieselskab.

LIND’s owners are Anders Bendtsen, Christian Soldbro Dubin, Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen, Christian Bentz, Peter Clemmen Christensen, Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg og Frederik Brocks, plus associated partners Rasmus Riisbro og Thea Præstmark.

Today, LIND consists of around 40 employees.

LIND’s Board of Directors comprises Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen (Chairman), Frederik Brocks and Anders Bendtsen. Anders Bendtsen is CEO.

  1. Scope
    The provisions of these terms of business apply to all assignments undertaken by LIND Advokataktieselskab (LIND), unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. Regulation – lawyers and caseworkThe lawyers at LIND have all been appointed “advokat” (lawyer permitted to practise law) by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.LIND undertakes its assignments with respect for the rules of the Danish Administration of Justice Act for and on lawyers, and for the code of conduct adopted by the Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society.LIND is subject to the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering, and collects and stores identity information on clients in accordance with the Act.All LIND employees, whether they work with legal matters or not, are bound by a duty of confidentiality and the ban on insider trading in the Danish Act on Securities Trading.On receipt of a potential assignment, LIND investigates whether there is any disqualification, conflict of interest or some other circumstance which prevents LIND from taking on the assignment.
  3. Fees and disbursementsLIND’s fees are set on the basis of the time we have spent dealing with the case, the scope of the work, the difficulty and nature of the assignment, including whether specialist knowledge has been utilised, the value that the assignment concerns, the liability associated with the assignment, the importance of the assignment to the client and the result achieved.LIND is more than willing to provide a quote. If we have done so, we will inform you within a reasonable period of time if it appears that our fees are expected to be higher than the quote.LIND may – depending on the circumstances – request advance payment of fees, just as we may ask for payment to cover already incurred or future disbursements.Invoicing is generally done on a quarterly basis.
  4. Client fundsFunds belonging to LIND’s clients are administered in line with the Danish Bar and Law Society’s rules on client accounts. Interest earned on funds in a client account accrues to the client in question in accordance with these rules.As per 1 July 2015 any client funds available on lawyers’ client accounts will no longer enjoy full coverage by the Guarantee Fund (in Danish: Indskydergarantifonden). Consequently, client funds available on lawyers’ client accounts will be subject to the same limitation, which applies to ordinary bank accounts. If a bank is subject to restructuring proceedings or is declared bankrupted, anyone having funds in the bank may risk loosing any amount exceeding € 100,000. The threshold of € 100,000 will apply to the total sum, which a client may have on his own account(s) in a bank, and for any amount, which a client may have through the use of lawyer’s client bank account. All of LIND’s client funds are deposited with Arbejdernes Landsbank and Nordea Bank Danmark. LIND assumes no liability for any losses of client funds resulting from the Guarantee Fund’s coverage limitation.
    In the case of monetary amounts deposited to LIND, belonging to the client, interest is credited on the balance in the client account at LIND. The interest corresponds to the prevailing rate that LIND obtains at the respective bank where the account is established. However, interest accrual does not apply to amounts that the client has deposited (I) as security for LIND’s fee claims, (II) prepaid to cover expenses for a third party, (III) amounts below DKK 25,000, or (IV) amounts held by LIND for 10 days or less. If information regarding the current interest rate at the time of deposit is desired, the client should contact the responsible partner handling the case.
  5. Complaints
    In case of dissatisfaction with LIND’s advice or general treatment of the case, the client may at any time contact either the partner responsible, or our CEO.
    LIND is subject to the Code of Conduct laid down by the Danish Bar and Law Society. It is possible for the client to file a complaint about our services and the fee charged with the General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society/the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The Code of Conduct is available at
  6. Liability for damages and insuranceAny liability for damages incurred by LIND follows the general rules of Danish law.LIND’s liability in individual cases is, however, limited to DKK 50 million and LIND will not compensate losses such as operating losses, loss of goodwill, lost earnings and lost data.LIND has professional indemnity insurance for lawyers and lawyer guarantee insurance with the insurance company Codan Forsikring A/S.
  7. CopyrightThe written material that LIND prepares in connection with the execution of an assignment is part of the advice that LIND provides to the individual client. LIND retains all copyright and other intellectual property rights to this material.
  8. Governing law and place of jurisdictionAny dispute which is associated with LIND’s management of assignments for clients shall be dealt with under Danish law and in Danish courts.

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We are centrally located at Vesterbro in Copenhagen – close to Vesterport station
Parking is easy in the Vester Søgade and Nyropsgade (multi-storey car park) area.

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