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LIND is a modern law firm that advises and assists businesses, professional organisations and private individuals. Our advice covers a range of specialist areas and the most important areas of commercial and business law.

We deliver top quality, value-based solutions at competitive prices and we place great store in personal interaction and cooperation with the client and their other advisers, whoever
they may be.

Specialist areas

LIND focuses on a number of specialist areas and key areas of commercial law. We assist businesses, professional organisations and private individuals in these areas.

Meet us

Our lawyers are amongst the best specialists in their field. Each and every one of them focuses on what they are good at, in addition to possessing general legal knowledge broad enough to offer the advice that best serves the client.

Anders Bendtsen

Attorney, partner

Christian Bentz

Attorney, Associate

Mads Berendt

Attorney, partner

Johannes Karl Bjerremand


Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg

Attorney, partner

Anita Grønbech Buskov


Christian Soldbro Dubin

Attorney, partner

Dorte Gether Faurby


Michela Flindt


Asbjørn Storm Graversen

Assistant Attorney

Tanja Ejgaard Helt


Frederikke Arensborg Jørgensen


Karen Kaalund

Assistant Attorney

Jonas Karlsen


Lotte Kjærsgård


Andrea Kristensen

Assistant Attorney

Daniel Juel Larsen

Assistant Attorney

Patrick Flink Lerager

Assistant Attorney

Sofia Dall Mandix


Ulla Marstrand


Klaus Gustav Nielsen


Thea Præstmark

Attorney, associate

Crisanta Santos Reyes


Rasmus Riisbro

Attorney, Associate

Simone Rosenbøl


Camilla Rosted


Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen

Attorney, partner

Lene Skov


André Filip Stelsberg


Louise Vangstrup


Nicolai Westergaard

Attorney, partner

About LIND

A very special set of values

At LIND we are proud that our employees stay with us for a long time. This is perhaps because we give weight to a healthy work-life balance. LIND is an organisation with a flat structure where everyone knows each other, and we achieve results together. We also believe that this is part of the reason that our clients stay with us for a long time.

Strong expertise and dialogue with a partner

Our legal professionals are among the best specialists in particular selected areas. Yet far more is needed to create a well-functioning office that can provide advice at the highest level.

At LIND, we attach importance to good personal cooperation. A partner from LIND follows your case all the way. You will always be assured of an understanding of your situation and business requirements, as well as your values. In this way we can ensure strong expertise, good advice and confidence in our cooperation.

We attach importance to the following:

  • Ensuring a high level of expertise and quality throughout the case
  • Achieving in-depth knowledge of the client and specific requirements of the task
  • Creating security through open advisory services and exchange of ideas
  • Ensuring a simple process through effective cooperation, a high level of specialist knowledge and minimisation of costs

More about LIND

Lind was founded in 2012 by three former partners and an employee of Lind Cadovius Advokataktieselskab.

LIND’s owners are Mads Berendt, Jonas Kristian Bovbjerg, Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen, Anders Bendtsen, Christian Soldbro Dubin, plus associated partners Christian Bentz, Rasmus Riisbro og Thea Præstmark.

Today, LIND consists of around 35 employees.

LIND’s Board of Directors comprises Mads Berendt (Chairman), Mads Bendix Skelbæk-Knudsen og Anders Bendtsen. Anders Bendtsen is CEO.

Contact LIND

We are centrally located at Vesterbro in Copenhagen – close to Vesterport station
Parking is easy in the Vester Søgade and Nyropsgade (multi-storey car park) area.

+45 82 30 90 00

LIND Advokataktieselskab
Ved Vesterport 6, 2. sal
1612 København V

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